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Life Unlimited Mentoring

Life Unlimited Mentoring (LUM) is our CIC, this organisation was founded with the sole purpose to mentor young people in our community. 



LUM uses fitness and outdoor activities to mentor young people, aged 12-18, who struggle to engage with the education system and displaying challenging behaviours. 



The most common results we see, after working with us: 

  • Increase self-esteem 

  • Improved relationships; with parents, peers and at school 

  • Better communication skills 

  • Coping strategies to manage emotions 

  • Developed a sense of direction 

How We Work

We operate via 3 avenues:


  1. Directly with schools, and their students - off or on-site 

  2. Private referral with parents 

  3. Grant schemes

What we do: 

- Work with young on a 1-1 or small group basis for a minimum of 6 weeks (one term)

- Design a tailored made programme for each young person to achieve their goals and overcome challenges they are facing. This Includes;

  • Working directly with students, parents and schools to identify areas to improve 

  • Creating tangible strategies that can be used, to result in better outcomes

  • Structure and deliver fitness based sessions to improve physical and mental health wellbeing

  • Providing summaries and progress reports to ensure accountability for all parties  


Get Started 

The process of getting a young people mentored is very simple. Email us explaining who you are enquiring on behalf of. We then book a initial call, followed by a trial session to ensure the student is comfortable. Finally, we then book the student onto our 6 week ongoing programme. 

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