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Group Training

We help people to create a less stressful and lethargic lifestyle. With our holistic coaching and supportive community. 

We do all the thinking & tracking for you! You just need to rock up and have fun with local people in your community. It's that simple...

Why Us

The Benefits

  • Build a consistent routine

  • Create long term changes 

  • Improve your strength, flexibility & posture

  • Become a part of a community

  • Feel happier & calmer

What To Except 

  • Totally coach led sessions

  • Benefits of 1-2-1 personal training with a community

  • Totally private sessions, no more than 6 people 

  •  Be surrounded by nature & plants 

  • Online support groups

Our SEED Programme

We deliver a seasonal group personal training programme called SEED.

SEED is group personal training with a difference... We look after your well-being throughout the seasonal changes.  Our matches what time of year we are in to ensure that your holistic health and well-being is maintained all year round, so you feel happier, stronger and calmer. 

What To Except;

- Strength Training

- Yoga Sessions

- Meditation & Mindfulness Sessions

- Group & 1-1 check ins

- Online support 


SEED is breakdown into the colder and hotter months, with four 10 week programmes:

Winter SEED

Autumn SEED

Spring SEED

Summer SEED


Our SEED Programme 

In short the winter months we get as strong as possible, focus on deep release with yin yoga sessions and become grounded during meditation and mindfulness sessions. 

During the hot months of spring and summer we help you lean & toned, whilst increasing mobility in our yoga workouts and focus on feel connected to nature and ourselves with meditative sessions

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