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Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life in 30 Days – Embrace Change, Build Strength, and Redefine Your Wellbeing Journey

What You Get

FreshStart30 offers an insight into our Group PT Membership and promises to give you a lifestyle transformation in just 30 days. 

  • Unlimited sessions 

  • 30 day kickstart programme 

  • Lifetime access wellness, fitness & nutrition plans 

  • Lifetime access to community support 

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 21.04.42.png

Why FreshStart30


Create lasting changes

Become stronger, fitter and happier 

Gain energy 

Become part of a community

We Solve 

'On & off' exercise routine 

Knowledge to achieve your goals

Unhealthy habits  changes 

The 'fear factor' of going to the gym


This space is absolutely magic. It's cozy, welcoming, full of plants and nature around.
Perfect place to give yourself a self love bath and connect with yourself and your body and spirit🙏🙏🙏


Before starting I was conscious about my current level of fitness. Their approach is very supportive and tailored which helped get my joints functioning and helped me feel more confident.


You really are offering an amazing service and you are brilliant at what you do.
You get so much more than what you pay for
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