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Our FreshStart30 Programme is a 30 day lifestyle transformation. We help you to create change new healthy habits inside and outside of the gym; whilst becoming a part of our caring community.


If you struggle with an inconsistent exercise routine?

Tried loads of stuff in the past and never really worked?

Do you dislike mainstream gyms and fitness industry but want to stay healthy? 

FrestStart30 will help

  • Feel stronger, fitter and pain with our Group PT Sessions

  • Feel calm, confident and collected after your Meditation Classes 

  • Get control over your diet by following our 30 day Back to Basic Nutrition Guide

  • Kick start your health and wellbeing through our 30 day Movement Challenge

  • Become a part of a community off likeminded, caring peopl


About FreshStart30

FreshStart30 offers an insight into our Group PT Membership and promises to give you a lifestyle transformation in just 30 days. 

FreshStart30 is a totally coach led programme. Which includes:

  • Unlimited access to Group PT sessions 

  • Unlimited access Guided meditation classes

  • 30 day movement challenge 

  • 30 day back to basic nutrition plan 

  • Lifetime access to community support 

How To Book

  1. Click the 'Book Now' link and purchase FrestStart30 

  2. Complete joining form and access link to our app

  3. Book your slot via our app and get training!

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Why FreshStart30

The Benefits

  • Long lasting lifestyle changes

  • Feel stronger, fitter and pain free 

  • Improve your eating habits 

  • Feel calmer, happy and more confident​

  • Become a part of a community

What Problems We Solve 

  • 'On & off' exercise routine 

  • Wanting to get stronger, fitter and healthy but don't know how

  • Unhealthy habits and lifestyles changes 

  •  The 'fear factor' of going to the gym and lifting weights

  • Not feeling yourself and wanting to get control

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