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Corporate Wellness

We offer tailored corporate wellness packages to companies in order to enhance the well-being of their employees. This package intends to increase productivity and creativity within the workforce to enrich the company in terms of profits and operations. 

What is Corporate Wellness?

We have a wide range of corporate services to the betterment of your employees and productivity of your company. 


  • To improve your employees physical fitness we provide fitness and pilates based sessions both face to face and online on-demand health and fitness platforms.

  • Mental health is an essential part of any workshop, not only for the overall wellbeing of your employees but the productivity and growth of your business, we deliver both Health workshops and Mediation sessions.

  • Corporate life inevitably takes a toll on the body, tightening worse muscles and affecting your posture. To battle this we produce health checks including: swedish and trigger point release massage, wellness plans, postural checks and blood pressure test, etc.


You simply select which package is most suitable for your company and employees.

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The benefits

Cost Breakdown

What’s the benefits:

  • Improved employee physical health

  • Improved employee spiritual and emotional health

  • Developed employee mental resistance

  • Increase social togetherness of colleagues, boosting morale and teamwork

  • Reduce presenteeism and absenteeism

  • Increased employee productivity and effectiveness

Massage services:

  • 1⁄2 half day £75 (4 hours)

  • Full day £150 (8 hours)

All other services are quoted on size of business and number of staff. Please email us directly 

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