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Meet Our Family

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals ranging from personal trainers, yoga & pilates teachers to holistic health coaches; collectively we have over 20 years’ experience. As a team, we are driven by helping people to achieve their goals and recognise the benefits of overall well-being to live a better life.



Tessa Blackman

Jack Jones

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

Spiritual Coach 

Co-Founder & Head Mentor 

Inspired by witnessing growth within individuals, Louis pursued coaching at a young age by assisting senior coaches. He went on to study Sports Coaching and later launched ‘LGCoaching’, his own personal coaching company. Over time his passion grew from fitness to overall health and societal and environmental welfare resulting in the creation of LUP. 


Raised in Wells, Louis was constantly surrounded by greenery.  Its heavy presence developed his appreciation for nature and wildlife. This gratitude for nature has influenced his coaching philosophy and methods. 

Being a naturally creative person, Jack has always have a passionate for design and a deep interest in the creative process of photography, interior design and art. Jack pursued his passions through to university. At this stage of his life, Jack began to incorporate nature as a core part of his lifestyle. This led to Jack's journey into biophilic design.


Jack has spent professional life designing, constructing and running space that connect people to nature. Having this unique talent, was the perfect paring for Jack and Louis to create LUP.  

Tessa has 6 certificates from ‘Invision’ a holistic training facility in Chicago, with a focus on teaching meditation, clairvoyance, working with feminine energy and astral travel.


She has over 10 years of experience as a clairvoyant reader. Tessa is the founder of her own holistic company Think Emerald. Think Emerald is a female-run company offering meditation courses, 1-1 sessions and creative collaborations. As a former professional dancer and circus artist Tessa understands the importance of a balanced mind, body and spirit. 

All of these skills are implemented to provide monthly workshops at the LUP studio to support women to unlock the full spiritual potential.

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Wendy Joelson

Jack Eyers

Pilates Instructor 

Guest Speaker & Athlete 

As a health-conscious person, Wendy has always had a fascination with the way the human body moves and functions. This interest progressively became stronger over time resulting in her leaving her successful career in the corporate world to become a Pilates instructor.

She went on to become the founder of Shropshire Pilates. Her company has now been running for over 10 years; helping countless number of people to move better and feel great. Wendy offers her expertise on our corporate wellness programme by delivering Pilate’s sessions.


Having made a life altering decision to amputate his leg at the age of 16, Jack has since faced many adversities. However, these challenges did not prevent him from pursuing his passion for fitness. Jack's received bronze medals in canoeing in both European and World championships, winning the title of Mr England, becoming a personal trainer and now training to go to the Paralympics. 


Jack appears as a guest speaker for our mental health workshops. He focuses on building a positive mindset, developing resilience and habit building.   

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Sophie Mawby

Yoga Instructor

Sophie practices various styles of yoga, such as  Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Iyengar, over the last ten years.  She completed a 200 hour Hatha and Restorative teacher training with Bristol School of Yoga.  


Sophie’s yoga classes are specifically designed to counter the effects of our often stressful lifestyles and restore balance in the nervous system.  She provides a nourishing and grounding practice through slow, mindful movement and connection to the breath.

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