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Meet Our Family

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals ranging from personal trainers, yoga & pilates teachers to holistic health coaches; collectively we have over 20 years’ experience. As a team, we are driven by helping people to achieve their goals and recognise the benefits of overall well-being to live a better life.



Tessa Blackman

Jack Jones

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Spiritual Coach 

Co-Founder & Head Mentor 

Inspired by witnessing growth within individuals, Louis pursued coaching at a young age by assisting senior coaches. He went on to study Sports Coaching and later launched ‘LGCoaching’, his own personal coaching company. Over time his passion grew from fitness to overall health and societal and environmental welfare resulting in the creation of LUP. 


Raised in Wells, Louis was constantly surrounded by greenery.  Its heavy presence developed his appreciation for nature and wildlife. This gratitude for nature has influenced his coaching philosophy and methods. 

Being a naturally creative person, Jack has always have a passionate for design and a deep interest in the creative process of photography, interior design and art. Jack pursued his passions through to university. At this stage of his life, Jack began to incorporate nature as a core part of his lifestyle. This led to Jack's journey into biophilic design.


Jack has spent professional life designing, constructing and running space that connect people to nature. Having this unique talent, was the perfect paring for Jack and Louis to create LUP.  

Tessa has 6 certificates from ‘Invision’ a holistic training facility in Chicago, with a focus on teaching meditation, clairvoyance, working with feminine energy and astral travel.


She has over 10 years of experience as a clairvoyant reader. Tessa is the founder of her own holistic company Think Emerald. Think Emerald is a female-run company offering meditation courses, 1-1 sessions and creative collaborations. As a former professional dancer and circus artist Tessa understands the importance of a balanced mind, body and spirit. 

All of these skills are implemented to provide monthly workshops at the LUP studio to support women to unlock the full spiritual potential.

To book Tess's womens circle workshop follow the link:

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Viola Bruni

Emily Tatford

Meditation Coach

Yoga Teacher 

Sophie Mawby

Yoga Teacher

Viola is a movement facilitator and meditation teacher coming from a background as a dancer and circus performer. She holds group and 1 to 1 movement sessions for creative and meditative purposes, as well as coaching performing artists to support them in their creations. Viola strongly believes the power of creativity and the wisdom of embodiment is a magic accessible to everyone and loves helping people from all walks of life to connect to it.

To book Viola's Embodied Flow Class follow the link:

Emily is a yoga teacher who provides a safe space for individuals to explore the relationship between their body, mind and mental well-being. Emily’s classes are a combination of trauma-informed Hatha and Restorative Yoga, and are designed to help you cultivate inner peace and restore balance within yourself. 

Having experienced her own struggles with mental health since Emily was a child, she understands the importance of self-care and maintaining a sense of balance in life. Emily is 200hr trained at Bristol School of Yoga, and is currently studying to become a Psychotherapist. Currently Emily has a L3 certificate in Counselling Skills as well as being a trained mental health first aider. 

Emily’s goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment to help you reconnect with your body, destress and find comfort and joy in your practice.

Emily provides both courses and regular drop in classes.

Yin Yoga Bristol is all about slowing down and finding balance in our lives both on the off the mat.  Sophie has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over ten years, in various styles of yoga ranging from Hatha and Iyengar to Restorative and Yin.  She now primarily shares her love of yin yoga, an introspective practice that is centred around releasing tension and cultivating stillness in body and mind through a series of held poses.  


Sophie’s classes are suitable for all levels of experience, including complete beginners, with a focus on posture adaptations for all body types through modifications and use of props. 

To book Sophie's Yin Yoga Class follow the link

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Anna Loveridge

Yoga Teacher 

Anz began yoga at 14 and has immersed herself in learning about the human body since 2017 as a Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Massage Therapist. She is featured as a yoga teacher and breath coach on Unmind’s Mental Health Workplace App, and she has curated wellness retreats for companies such as John Lewis. 


Having delivered Yoga and Massage in eight different countries, Anz continually deepens her understanding of how the mind and body can find equilibrium through intuitive touch, movement, breath, and sound. Her sessions adopt a holistic approach, aiming to restore balance to the body’s entire ecosystem, with each session uniquely tailored to the individual or class needs.

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Lavinia Maran

Fitness Instructor

I was born in Romania but lived in Canada until I relocated in the Uk about 10 years ago. I coached a swimming competition team in Montreal whilst I was studying French Literature. I then moved to London where I did my Master Degree in French literature, specialising in Illness narratives and eating disorders. One of my favourite books, The Wounded Storyteller by Arthur W. Frank gave me my inspiration for my slogan : “GO DYADIC BODY”. Someone with a “dyadic body” reaches out and seeks help in another “body” instead of facing life’s struggles alone. So, GO DYADIC BODY ! I am here to help you!

To book Lavinia's Fit 4 Mums Class follow the link:

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