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Group Personal

Group personal training is a community of people
working towards a common health goal, with a
personal trainer delivering a continuous tailored
sessions and support. Our coaches ensure the
demands of every group session are suitable for
your capacities and progressive towards your

Our Programme

We deliver a seasonal group personal training programme called SEED.


The purpose of SEED is to connect to the seasonal changes that occur. We align our physical and spiritual sessions accordingly to match your energy levels and wellbeing for that time of year. We recognise that we all people of nature; our habits, behaviours, mindset, energy levels and so on is influenced by what season we are in and the cycles of nature.

SEED is breakdown into four 10 week programmes:

Winter SEED

Autumn SEED

Spring SEED

Summer SEED

Each includes;

- Strength Group PT

- Yoga Group PT

- Online & in person meditation session

- Group lifestyle check ins

- Online programmes


All in our studio are 6 member max. to ensure to maintain a 1-2-1 quality service on a group setting. To follow on from this, all sessions are coach lead so you don't need to worry about what your doing and you'll have us checking your form and technique; whilst tracking your results and progress. 


Why Us

The Benefits

  • Build a consistent wellbeing routine

  • Create long term lifestyle changes 

  • Improve your strength, flexibility & posture

  • Become a part of a community

  • Feel better about yourself

What To Except 

  • Totally coach led sessions

  • 1-2-1 support & quality of service in a group setting

  • Personal development & wellbeing guidance

  •  Increased connection to nature, self & others

  • Online support groups

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